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Performance of Confined Dry Block Masonry Against Blast Loading

HEC TDF02-038: Performance of Confined Dry Block Masonry Against Blast Loading The protection of human lives and building infrastructure against the terrorist explosions, remained always a challenge for engineers. The terrorist’s activities during the last two decades attracted the attention of scientists towards the blast resistant structures. The literature study revealed that the conventional masonry is showing a weak performance against shock waves and the behavioral deficiency of this material is corelated with the failure of mortar joints. In this research study, an effort has been made to cope with the challenges by introducing the Dry Stacked Masonry (DSM), composed

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Hydraform and SA Cares – Building a better future together

Hydraform and SA Cares – Building a better future together. At Hydraform, we’re constantly searching for opportunities to develop and build our great Nation and to the improve the lives of its citizens. We recently embarked on one such quest and partnered with SA Cares to assist in the realisation of their dreams and the initialisation of long-term, ongoing projects. SA Cares is a registered non-profit organisation focused on human upliftment and community development by providing education, places of safety, water and sanitation, and many other initiatives driven to cater to underprivileged communities and impoverished individuals. Included in their offering,

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History in the making

History in the making The historical town of Bathurst, situated in the Eastern Cape, has housed this Hydraform alternative building technology building for almost 17-years. The double-storey, 120 sqm house was built using a Hydraform alternative building technology (ABT) blockmaking machine and has stood firm against the coastal region elements – including many flash floods. The house is built on clay subsoil, and to date has not presented with any cracks, leaks, or other structural issues reported. This is testament to the integrity of Hydraform alternative building technology’s blockmaking machinery. Browse the Product Page to find a blockmaking solution that

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Our building has stood the test of time – and the elements too

Our building has stood the test of time – and the elements too Hydraform alternative building technology (ABT) is incredibly proud of the integrity and cost-effectiveness of its blockmaking machines. This building, situated in Port Alfred, was erected in 2002. The sandy soil, exposure to floodwaters, and coastal conditions provided an exciting use-case for Hydraform alternative building technology. The double-story cottage that spans 80 sqm and overlooks the Marina, has stood proud for almost 20-years. The Hydraform alternative building technology (ABT) team have kept track of the progress on the project and to date no leaks or cracks have been

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Growing Gabon

Growing GABON With the Hydraform M7M1 Blockmaking Machine The COMILOG company belonging to the French mining and metallurgical group ERAMET, with it’s inherit vision of growth and innovation along with improving performance, provides for more than 2,000 direct and indirect jobs in Gabon. Mr Fernand Mouele from it’s executive group, contacted Hydraform looking for a brick/block machine to build offices on their mining site in Gabon. THE HYDRAFORM SOLUTION Comilog has devoted many years specialising in the extraction and processing of manganese ore allowing the manufacture of products essential to everyday life. The Hydraform team after assessing the business and

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48 Upskilled Trainees in Madagascar

Ankoroabato training site Hydraform technology has had a resounding buzz in as far as the Indian oceans Malagasy Republic. In the effort to grow skills and businesses, Base Toliara, which is fully owned by Base Resources LTD, Australian Company, Paul Thomson together with his training division colleague Mark Haywood approached Hydraform for a machine to develop their local people. Acquiring good reviews from the onsite translators, Lary Pattrick, Herman Jean as well as Ako Maesth – who now have had extensive Hydraform blockmaking experience. The purpose of the training on blockmaking is to have local skilled people to build for

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