Young and Aspiring Entrepreneur

What is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Aobakwe Batsietseng an ambitious individual from North West province in South Africa, took the plunge to enter the world of entrepreneurship at the youthful age of 24.

Batsietseng identified a gap in the market, and through thorough research and the determination that success can be achieved through hard work, he decided that Hydraform would be the business partner he needed to bring his dreams to fruition. His dream of starting a business, to open a block yard and to expand into construction once his business grows was a concept Hydraform equips many business owners with.

Hydrafom is proud to be a part of another successful entrepreneur’s business and will continue to support Batsietseng in his future endeavors.

Aobakwe Batsietseng with his team receiving delivery of his machine on site.

A vision comes together at the site of the Hydraform technology.

Aobakwe Batsietseng with Lazarus Moloi, Hydraform’s technical trainer.

Having assessed the lack and needs in his community for quality homes, Batsietseng was led him to open up his business, today known as the Mannafela Group. Given that he was already producing paving blocks, he identified the potential growth that utilising an interlocking block could provide for his developing business.

These blocks are produced using soil and 10% cement and compressed in moulds using the revolutionary, patented Hydraform Interlocking Machine.

Batsietseng had his sights set on the M7 TWIN but decided to purchase the electric M9 as it is a small, start-up machine, ideal for young entrepreneurs like Aobakwe, It was also ideal for him, as he can operate it using single-phase power or a generator.

The idea for his business is to make and sell blocks, but also to use the blocks in construction projects that he will manage, and eventually build student houses and flats. He says “ this is an opportunity more special with the Hydraform machine, because it does not only produce blocks but produces blocks to build”.

This is made easy with the Interlocking technology. The blocks are dry stacked and interlock on 4 sides eliminating the need for mortar. This makes construction with the Hydraform blocks quicker and cheaper. “I’ll be able to build structures, houses, and walls faster than other machine and my competitors”

In addition to the journey that awaits Batsietseng says, “My greatest fulfillment with Hydraform has been the support given by the company, it helps you create an ethos, offering experienced trainers to assist us on-site, and extending the technology user communication platforms to engage further. I am inspired.”

Hydrafom is proud to be a part of another successful entrepreneur’s business and will continue to support Batsietseng in his future endeavors.