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There are numerous factors to be taken into to account when making quality blocks and bricks. The type of aggregate and cement use as well as the curing of the bricks and blocks are some of the factors that may have an influence on block and brick quality.

It is always important to do trial runs on mixtures and have a Lab test the strength of your bricks and blocks. Lab reports should be filed and kept as a record.

Curing is one of the most essential parts of brick and block production. Correct curing has a big effect on the quality of the end product and also the cost of the end product. Often with good curing the cement content of your blocks can be reduced drastically.

It is recommended that the freshly made blocks are covered immediately with a 250micron black plastic and cured by keeping the plastic over the bricks/blocks for a minimum of 7 days. Remove the curing plastic briefly to thoroughly wet the blocks/bricks twice a day starting from the day after production.

Introducing the Hydraform VLM Machine

High-quality, durable and originally-developed and designed. This is an affordable business/blockyard start-up machine – that’s manually operated.

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