Training Academy

The Training Academy offers an extensive 5-day program held at Hydraform’s headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. This training encompasses both theoretical and hands-on aspects, covering all features of brick and blockmaking.

Furthermore, participants receive exclusive guidance in marketing, sales, operations, and business strategies. Upon successful completion, each delegate earns certification in Hydraform building systems.

15th to 19 th July
Join us for this exciting  comprehensive programme covering both Interlocking and Brick, Paving, Block Making Machines: 50% theory and 50% practical applications in the form of soil selection, tests, experiments, calculations, production and construction. This course handles all aspects of the Hydraform Building systems from machine setup to construction. What will be covered: Brick & Paving Technology
  • Aggregate
  • Machine Operation
  • Production
  • Machine Maintenance
Interlocking Soil Cement Technology
  • Soil Selection
  • Mix Design
  • Machine Operation and Maintenance
  • Diesel Engine Services and Chamber Maintenance
  • Block Yard Management & set-up
  • Block Curing and Block Strength
  • Construction using Interlocking Blocks
On completion of the program, you will be certified with knowledge in Hydraform systems and application. If you are interested in attending, please email: [email protected]

If it looks right, it might not work right… the crippling cost of fake equipment.

We’ve all been faced with this situation before. You need equipment or a spares part, you’re a bit low on cash…and it becomes very tempting to take the easier, ‘cheaper’ route and get non-original parts. You save time, and money… right? Wrong!