A training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. It is crucial for organizational development and success and is fruitful to both employers and employees.

The importance of employee training doesn't end with new machines delivered to train the new workers but also manager training and development is equally important to workplace safety, productivity, and satisfaction.

The benefits of any form of training includes,

  • Improved employee performance
  • Addressing weaknesses
  • Consistency
  • Increased productivity and adherence to quality standards
  • Increased innovation in the concept and products knowledge
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Enhances company reputation and profile
  • Training is an important and continuous process for both new and experienced personnel

It is also important to know that we offer training on all our products i.e.;

  • Hydraform Interlocking Soil-Cement Technology
  • Hydraform Conventional Cement Brick and Paving Technology
  • Hydraform Roof Tile Manufacturing Technology


As a company we’ve always listened to what our customers need, in terms of both our products and our support, and worked hard to deliver on these needs. Our aftermarket support is underpinned by our thinking that ‘if we help our customers succeed so will we. Contact us on [email protected] for any issues related to; Consumables (servicing of machines) or Spares inquiries.

  • Hydraform efficiently supports our clients through the supply of aftermarket quality spares and accessories, we also provide a standard warranty of 1-year. Consumables (servicing of machines)
  • Hydraform understands that business is about more than just supplying strong, reliable machines and that strong reliable support is an equally, if not more, important consideration for decision-makers. To this end, Hydraform is here to help and gives the highest level of technical support.


Mobile Onsite Maintenance

New service being launched in South Africa! For all our existing clients we are offering a mobile service unit that will come to your site and service your machine. Wearing parts will be replaced and the machine will be serviced to good working order. Let our team ensure your machine is working optimally and ensure good quality products are produced. We offer advice on optimising blockyard setup and product quality. Contact: [email protected]

Remote Support

  • For any breakdowns, repairs or disabled machines, please contact us for assistance, guidance and advice on repairs. We will be able to diagnose problems, make recommendations and quote on required parts


Hydraform is proud to offer a dedicated service for delivering your goods anywhere in the world. The team is customer-service orientated, reliable, efficient, motivated and offers a multimodal (air, road and sea) service all over the world. The team has built solid relationships with the inspection companies in order to provide you with efficient service and immediate information required for your transportation needs in relation to your country of destination. A competitive freight rate using sea / road or air can be provided with your machine quotation. Choosing to use the Hydraform logistics service means we can deliver your goods quickly, safely and cost effectively. For more information, please contact : [email protected]


The training academy focuses on the interlocking soil-cement technology and is usually run in Johannesburg, South Africa. The training is 50% theory and 50% practical and aimed at providing an understanding behind the applications of the technology and then to implement those skills and knowledge in a practical environment.

The Hydraform interlocking block technology course is focused on soil-cement technology and all the key components for successful block making. This comprehensive course handles all the aspects of the Hydraform System from machine setup through to construction. The academy is aimed at Business owners / foreman / site managers / engineers to provide an understanding of the business of block production and how to run sites efficiently and effectively.

The Academy is conducted in ENGLISH. One French Academy is held annually, dates will be communicated.

The course covers

  • Lecture based training practical sessions.
  • Practical demonstrations.
  • Questions and answers sessions.
  • Basic health and safety procedures
  • Material selection (soil / sand / aggregates / cement)
  • Machine operation and mould changes
  • Blockyard setup and block production
  • Quality control
  • Block Curing
  • Practical construction and finishing


  • All skill levels catered for.
  • How to manage a successful block making business.
  • Sales and marketing tips for your business.
  • Certificate of Attendance.
  • On completion of the programme you will have comprehensive knowledge of the system and the application thereof

The academy does NOT cover the conventional machine block production. Special classes can be arranged if required. Contact us should you be interested in this option [email protected]

In-country Academy sessions can be arranged based on demand and suitable infrastructure. Should you like us to host an academy with your company or organisation (minimum of 15 participants), please contact us to discuss your arrangements and requirements.

Course Cost

International Rate:

$995 per person (includes accommodation)
$680 per person (excludes accommodation)

South African residents/ citizens:

R12 990 per person (includes accommodation)
R8 200 per person (excludes accommodation)


02 – 06 March 2020


Ground Support is continued support to ensure that high quality is maintained on production and construction through extended onsite monitoring and evaluation. Where clients require more than the initial onsite training of the team for skills transfer and operation, we can offer extended programs for continuous onsite monitoring and evaluation. The program and duration will be discussed and agreed with the client based on the project requirements and objectives. A full proposal would be drafted for the clients agreement.

  • Ground support will be tailored around the client’s needs and can be arranged for just an additional week’s supervision to ongoing months of monitoring and support.
  • Cost to be provided based on requirements.
  • Feel free to contact us [email protected] to discuss your project and how we can support you.
  • Ground support can be provided in English, French, Swahili and Zulu and must be requested at time of booking.


  1. Best practice implementation and monitoring
  2. Improved quality, volumes and costs
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Comprehensive onsite reports with recommendations


Advantages include

  • Training of larger groups at once
  • Training helps to locate correct materials for production around your area
  • Set-up of an efficient production blockyard
  • Quicker return on investment as the trained team operates more efficiently from the beginning
  • Construction of a demonstration structure on your site (interlocking soil-cement training only)
  • Certificate of Attendance will be issued

Onsite training can be provided in English, French, Swahili and Zulu and must be stipulated at time of booking.

Effective Onsite Training Guidelines

  • Identify strong and hardworking individuals to form part of the team. This team will ensure your productivity and quality and valuable skills and knowledge will be passed onto them,
  • Appoint a foreman
    The foreman manages the team on a daily basis to ensure all members are working efficiently and effectively to produce quality. The foreman is responsible for the machine’s operation, team performance and block quality.
  • Ensure at least 1 week’s material is always available onsite. This ensures productivity.

Follow the instructions on the Hydraform pre-training guidelines document.