Block Cutter

The Hydraform Lintel mould is used to create a beam that replaces the conventional pre-stresses lintel as well as the make shift lintels being casted on site, that is used over windows and door frames…

The Hydraform block cutter is designed to cut any block length from a standard HYDRAFORM block. The equipment is easy to use and robust.

Manual, with 8 pound hammer Power Source

One block at a time

Weight: ±26kg

gives an accurate cut to required block lengths

1 Operator

12 Months Machine Warranty

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If it looks right, it might not work right… the crippling cost of fake equipment.

We’ve all been faced with this situation before. You need equipment or a spares part, you’re a bit low on cash…and it becomes very tempting to take the easier, ‘cheaper’ route and get non-original parts. You save time, and money… right? Wrong!