Make The Most Of Your Brickyard

Maximising Your Brickmaking Output

So you’ve set up your brickyard and you’re now having to devise ways to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your hard-earned buck. We’re going to provide you with a few tips relating to how you can maximise your output and boost your overall productivity.

Everyone knows that when it comes to having to begrudgingly having to sign those cheques for expenses like rent, space is vital. You want to make sure that you make the most of what you have available to you. This includes ensuring that every machine you’ve bought – or are considering buying – and which occupies your valuable space works in unison with one another.

Each piece of equipment you purchase has to work together to ensure that your overall production yield is optimal and efficient. Get the extras and upgrades later, but start with the absolute necessities. Try to use raw materials, equipment and processes that minimise wastage. You want to optimise your output to make use of every possible cent you have spent on the input.

Your human resources are invaluable assets and should never be underestimated. People may be expensive and cost money, but they’re also invaluable assets you can have in your back pocket. Make sure that you’re incentivising your workers, and that you’re always searching for ways to provide training and upskilling your valued staff members. Hydraform provides regular training courses to assist you in this regard.

Be sure to make the most of your store person who will be in charge of organising your production line. If this ‘backend’ of production is running smoothly, your production lines are sure to function efficiently and optimally at all times.

Don’t forget to factor in general human error, though. Take a good look at how much of your production line is fully automated versus semi automated and reliant on human error, wastage, and lost efficiency. On top of this potential loss of production, you’re also going to want to consider how much of your materials are reliant on imported materials and the various associated pitfalls.

Quality control means that you obtain consistently measurable outcomes. Bricks and construction requires mass production perfection because each individual brick counts. A machine that yields higher quality end products, which are better than those produced by a human, means that you drastically reduce overhead costs. At the end of everything, you have your marketable end product. This results in a savings on your cost of production which gives you more cashflow to manage your overheads, and in many cases a much healthier bottom line.

An important factor to remember is that none of your potential pitfalls put you at a disadvantage in terms of your competitors, though. Any other company is as restricted by overhead costs as what you are. The only way you can ensure that you rise above your competition here is to make profit by reducing your cost of production as much as possible while maintaining competitive prices to your client base.

Make it cheaper to produce your end production than your competitors. Businesses that operate efficiently have far lower running costs than those who don’t, meaning you can make more money per brick than your competitors.