Joining forces to uplift communities

The Hydraform technical and sales teams rolled up their sleeves, joined forces with various partners, and set off to assist members of the Everton community, situated in Sedibeng District. The partners identified an elderly woman with three children living in a one-bedroom home. The living conditions in the home were poor, and the family were not well guarded from environmental elements.

Equipped with Hydraform’s M7M1 Super Interlocking blockmaking machine, which is ideal for reaching remote areas and sites that have little to no access to electricity, the sales and technical team set to work training community members whilst manufacturing bricks. This initiative upskilled community members in manufacturing interlocking bricks onsite that would be used ultimately to build the family a home, a safe structure they can call their own. The new house to be constructed will be 40 square metres, and provide protection, security and a belonging. Hydraform technology has superior thermal properties, the blocks in summer insulate cool temperatures and in winter retain warmth.

The M7M1 Super machine in alternative building technology (ABT) remains an ideal choice for this project as it includes a compression chamber, diesel engine or electric and a pan mixer – all mounted on a robust trailer. Producing up to 2200 blocks per 8hour shift

Visit our products page and read more about the blockmaking machine at https://www.hydraform.com/products/brick-paver-and-blockmaking-machines/