Hydraform Wins Shelter Afrique Award

At Hydraform, we hold community and small business development close to our hearts. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, affordable machines and equipment by which anyone can accomplish their own brickmaking and construction dreams. We were thus honoured when recently we were awarded the prestigious Shelter Afrique award in the category of ‘Affordable Housing and Urban Development Practitioners’.

Shelter Afrique’s awards stand as testament to their commitment to recognising the efforts of practitioners such as Hydraform who operate within the affordable housing and urban development industry. We were honoured to be acknowledged as emerging talents who uphold the requisite level of excellence in our approach to solving the crisis of affordable housing and urban development challenges in Africa.

In order to qualify for the award, Hydraform was required to meet the following criteria:

Award: Best Innovation in Affordable Housing


Information Required

Criteria 1: Construction

1.     Provision of plans, sections, elevations, 3D drawings, and photos.

2.     List the materials and finishes used.

3.     List and description of specific innovative construction methods/or services provided.

Criteria 2: Value Creation

4.     Provision of unit cost of buying and estimated re-sale value after five years.

5.     List and description of the factors that have reduced the costs of this project to make it affordable.

Criteria 3: Replicability

1.     Description of the execution of a mass roll-out of the system.

Criteria 4: Collaborative Efforts

1.     List of the members included in the delivery of this project.

2.     Description of community participation in the design and allocation process.

3.     Description of community participation in the construction process.


This award was attained through the Hydraform Nigeria project building 400 houses in Kuje, Abuja in collaboration with Mr and Mrs Huthman (Hydraform Distributors) from Hydraform Nigeria. Hydraform would like to thank Shelter Afrique for not only providing us with this unique opportunity to showcase our abilities, but for the acknowledgement of our achievements and progress. We believe that sustainable development just makes sense, and we’re doing our part in building a brighter tomorrow for not only Africa, but across the globe as well.