Hydraform Helps Light the way for Future Development

Hydraform has recently become involved with an exciting new project when we donated to Aurora Primary School. In Latin, the word “aurora” is associated with the dawn, and we believe that this faculty of education is creating a bright new future for its students.

Originally established in Ivory Park in 1999, the non-subsidised independent Aurora Primary School moved to a farm in Bapsfontein in 2001 under the leadership of school principal Veronica Walker. The school serves as a boarding school from Monday to Friday as a means of lowering travelling costs for less fortunate children and allowing pupils to spend time with their family over weekends.

Functioning as a bridge between rich and under-privileged children, the Christian school prides itself on providing a high-level education, with a strong Christian foundation and the teaching of basic ethics. Aurora Primary School teaches a variety of subjects and regards English as a first language subject (offering Afrikaans as an additional first language). With between six to 30 students in each class, the school has the capacity for 174 students. The joys of being situated in a farm are endless as they grow their own fresh vegetables and fruits (as well as having their own dairy farm) above the academic learning. The principles of agriculture are therefore bestowed on the children at a very young age, ethics such as:

  • Work ethic and chores
  • Teamwork
  • Ecology
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Health and care
  • Sustainability


In January this year, Hydraform’s Sales Director for Hydraform Ya Batho, Lusanda Zimase, handed over a cheque to the Mrs Walker, whom carries the heart of the learners and learning on her shoulders. The donation has been a seed investment towards the schools initiatives in giving aiding  the teachers who ensure the learners are empowered with educated for a better tomorrow.

As a school focussed on the personal growth and educational development of its students, Aurora Primary School is a shining beacon in its community, and Hydraform could not be more proud to form a connection with such an exemplary institution.