Hydraform and SA Cares – Building a better future together.

At Hydraform, we’re constantly searching for opportunities to develop and build our great Nation and to the improve the lives of its citizens. We recently embarked on one such quest and partnered with SA Cares to assist in the realisation of their dreams and the initialisation of long-term, ongoing projects.

SA Cares is a registered non-profit organisation focused on human upliftment and community development by providing education, places of safety, water and sanitation, and many other initiatives driven to cater to underprivileged communities and impoverished individuals. Included in their offering, the organisation provides workshops on panel-beating, metal work, wood-working, and more. The programmes operate for a three-month period and those attending the workshops are housed for the duration.

With the help of Hydraform, SA Cares was given an opportunity to develop environments for life skills and for the provision of work-related skills. Hydraform aided in the construction of buildings that would serve as workshops (SMMEs that provide the men attending Plot 91 workshops with the necessary skills to enter the workplace and become economically self-sufficient).

Hydraform contributed to SA Cares having their own M7 Interlocking Brick Making Machine for use in their Bricks for Life business. Making use of local materials, the M7 Interlocking Brick Making Machine provides SMMEs with the ability to serve their individual communities in meaningful ways in highly cost-effective ways with the use of a single machine.

With Hydraform’s help, SA Cares is ready to begin production in their very own brick yard, as well as constructing a panel beating workshop, a woodworking workshop, a steelworks workshop, a bean roastery (the coffee of which will be roasted and packaged, then exported for sale internationally), as well as further developments on the hostel and living areas. The M7 Interlocking Brick Making Machine was also a star feature in the construction of a kitchen used to provide food parcels for schools and communities, and will play a part in the future construction of the media centre which will be used to help underprivileged scholars complete their education.

The Hydraform M7 Interlocking Brick Making Machine is not only a far more cost-effective solution for organisations such as SA Cares, but also enables future developments that might not otherwise have been possible and which will, in turn, serve the communities in which they are built.