Hydraform is once again on the front line in the fight against poverty, hunger and joblessness through an association with the volunteer corps of the Confédération Syndicale du Congo (CVC), a trade union confederation, and the Congolese Control Office.

The partnership acquired a plot of some 180ha in the N’sele municipality just outside Kinshasa, with the intention of building good-quality social housing to be purchased by residents. The initial project plan called for 1 500 homes of three basic types: three, four or five rooms along with a number of other buildings such as shops, schools and a hospital. Construction would be facilitated by the CVC, subsidised by donor funding with a portion paid by subscribers (or home owners) through monthly deductions from their salaries.

At the time of going to press, more than 100 houses had been completed and work was continuing at an increasing pace in what is being called the village of Benzale. Hydraform continues to be involved in a technical monitoring role so as to ensure overall project success.