Entrepreneurs and Business-owners

Locally-based, on the African continent… or global, no matter where you are, entrepreneurs and construction businesses around the world have one important thing on their minds: Business success. While success can sometimes be difficult to attain, Hydraform machines go a long way to ensuring high-quality, easy-to-operate machinery that produce soil and cement interlocking bricks, pavers and rooftiles. Our interlocking stabilised soil-cement blockmaking process requires the use of local resources like soil mixed with 10% cement. The block making process is cost saving as less cement is used to produce blocks and only about 30% of the structure will need mortar-joint. Some of the machines are mobile, run on diesel or electricity. Add to the fact that our interlocking bricks cut the cost of traditional mortar brickwork, you’ll enjoy a unique selling advantage that your competition will find hard to beat. Let’s start the discussion today.