Empowering the Ngangelizwe Community

Hydraform is using its innovative building technology to improve the lives of the Ngangelizwe township, situated in Mthata, Eastern Cape. This project has provided 141 homes to the destitute and the homeless. Some of these families have lost their primary caregivers and are headed by the older children. The Ngangelizwe 200 project therefore provides these families with the safety and standard of living that they all deserve and have always dreamt of.

Project milestones

The project, which was scheduled to commence in March 2020 was delayed because of the unforeseen pandemic and lockdown in South Africa. Construction therefore began in September 2020 with the assembling of a blockyard within the township making use of the Hydraform M7M1 super blockmaking machine. The blockyard enabled the Hydraform senior technical team the ability to employ residents and train them on the eco-friendly block mix design. The project has since created over 70 jobs to people within the community – within these following faculties:

  • 20 Blockyard labourers
  • 15 onsite staff
  • 7 sub-contractors (totally over 35 individuals)

Currently Hydraform has completed 61 homes and the locals are delighted. Says Bafokeng Moeketsi, Hydraform’s Civil Engineer and Project Manager of this housing initiative:

“The construction team is very proud of the work they are doing, of being able to give back to the community. The community is grateful to Hydraform for providing housing for the destitute and homeless.”

The technology benefits

Lindo Zungu, Hydraform’s technical trainer and builder on the project, is impressed with the building blocks they have been able to produce making use of soil onsite, and saving on cement. The blocks are manufactured using sandy/loam soil with enough clay to bind the block, with the addition of water and only 10% cement. The interlocking block omits the use of top soil-because its comprises of a lot of organic matter. The Hydraform interlocking block is therefore environmentally-friendly whereby in building the standard building practise is applicable and thereafter the other layers are dry-stacked and interlocked – delivering simple, efficient building materials that last.

In addition, the bricks are thermally insulated, which means temperatures inside these homes will remain relatively low in the hot summer climate. Prior occupation all houses are inspected and approved by Agreement, as well as NHBRC. These homes are approved by the SANBR for fire safety, structural strength and stability, resistant to water penetration and damp, thermal performance and energy efficiency, acoustic performance and durability.

House finishings

An exceptional house plan was drafted and approved by the local municipality  – each home consists of bedrooms, a lounge, bathroom and kitchen. The wall and door frames are steel, with solid wooden doors, with the installation of plumbing and electric work certified.

“The Ngangelizwe community is one of the poorest of the poor. The unemployment rate was high before the project started. There are now people from the community employed on the project. The beneficiaries are really happy with the quality that Hydraform provide,s” says Sinazo Ntsholanga, CLO of Ngangelizwe

So, in addition to the new houses, this community will also boast labour and supervisory skills learnt in the blockyard, on site and with sub-contractors in the building industry. There has been a marked improvement in their quality of life, an increased standard of living, improved morale and sense of self-worth.

This project will continue to resounding empowerment and upliftment.

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