Attributes Hydraform

There has been a resounding buzz in Pretoria in the last couple of years, with many constructional developments taking place. The same buzz extends from low-cost housing, upmarket, communal developments as well infrastructure developments.

Geographical Background

Pretoria, also known best as Tshwane, is popularly known as the administrative capital city of South Africa, earning it’s reputation for hosting the 3 universities, 3 research councils and a home to over 750 thousand people. We zoned into the west of Tshwane, in Atteridgeville, a growing township with many cultural diversities and languages. Formally established in

1939 by the government, and named after Mrs MP Atteridgeville. According to the government’s policy the seized all development in 1968.

In the early hours on a Saturday morning, in August 2018, the Councilor called a meeting at the ‘Brazaville’ informal settlements, also based in Tshwane, requesting that the community members who several years ago

had placed their names down for acquiring land should prepare themselves to be located a stand in Atteridgeville Zone 19.

The day finally came when the officials delivered on their promise, and the families packed all their belongings to setup their new homes.

Building Brief

Now remained an integral role for the Tshwane Municipality who contracted Khulane Quality Construction to build 38 housing units, intended for the destitute, elderly, incapacitated and handicapped. For a project of this magnitude Khulane searched for a sub – contractor with specific building output and upholding the following criteria:

Hydraform Ya Batho – ticking all the 5 criteria boxes, was approached to partner with Kulane Qulaity Construction in making an anticipated difference in the lives of the residents.

Day 1 of this project began with the Hydraform staff and trained technical team surveying the land, testing the soil and preparing to make blocks onsite. Community members were fascinated with the alternative building technology were offered training onsite and part time jobs to also empower their livelihoods.


The community having being exposed to housing that cannot weather the climate changes – they marvelled over the Hydraform interlocking brick technology together with the intriguing workmanship. Hydraform Interlocking bricks are like 2 adjoining pieces of jigsaw puzzle. With each brick having a projection at one end and a depression at the other, aligning both the projection and depression perfectly.

Progressively in exactly 3 days the house super structure was complete and ready for roofing to begin. “Hydraform houses have been truly inspiring to us all – this alone has given us hope for the future”, says Catherine Maluleka, one of the residents at Atteridgeville. Currently, the township has no schools, places of worship or community halls, their dream the aesthetic quality and durability of the Hydraform technology can be considered in growing their community.

Lock-Down Impact

Against the set deadlines, this project experienced delays due to the national lock down restrictions that impacted the project directly. Fortunately, the beneficiaries seal the year victorious as the Hydraform team and onsite staff invested additional time to complete the houses. It remains encouraging to find a solution to a national housing problem, ministering the society with zeal for what the future holds, using technologies that can better the lives of many. Transformation knocks at the door to those who believe.