Success Stories

Hydraform machines produce the innovative interlocking soil-cement block system that is made from sifted soil and a 10% cement mix. The special design means that this is a very special product indeed, designed to withstand the rigours of the harsh African climate, and the seismic occurrences that sometimes reduce traditional brick-and-mortar buildings to a pile of rubble. Our products are designed to withstand earthquakes, storms and a wide range of weather conditions. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of our incredible success stories for yourself…

Delivering En Masse Green Housing

Delivering on Government’s Housing Promise

When Education & Conservation Meet

Helping To Build Ivorian Health Systems

Building A School

Tackling A Housing Crisis

Resettling A Community

Enabling Community Development

Commercial Housing Markets

A Beehive Of Activity

Giving A Community That Feeling Of Permanence

Constructing A Community

Giba Business Park

Building In A Remote Area

The Future of Construction

When The Economics Just Make Sense

One For The Children

Hydraform Blocks For Uganda Health Center

A Plan For Peace, Recovery & Development

Furthering Africa's Education

Recovery From The Ravages Of War

Educating Africa

Setting A Blockyard For Commercial Success

If it looks right, it might not work right… the crippling cost of fake equipment.

We’ve all been faced with this situation before. You need equipment or a spares part, you’re a bit low on cash…and it becomes very tempting to take the easier, ‘cheaper’ route and get non-original parts. You save time, and money… right? Wrong!