Manufactures dry stacked interlocking blocks; 
														Save up to 30% on your construction costs with
														the interlocking blockmaking machine range. Build
														quality durable structures using local soil and
Manufactures Pavers, Hollow blocks,stock bricks, Maxi's and more. Perfect for blockyard businesses,paver suppliers etc. Conventional paving, brick and block machines compress river-sand / crusher dust / stone / ash    and other aggregate mixed with cement.
Manufacture double roman concrete roofing tiles,The machine can create aprofitable medium-sized production facility for an entrepreneur who wouldlike to start a tile plant.Designed and constructed to
										the same high-quality engineering
										standards for which all of our 
										equipment is known.



1. Save on your block production costs. Manufacturing Hydraform interlocking blocks requires only your local soil mixed with 10% cement. This means that you only spend money on buying cement and not additional materials like aggregate, sand, fly ash or concrete mix. This makes Hydraform interlocking blocks the cheapest building blocks to manufacture and thus increasing your profits.

2. Save on transportation costs. Hydraform's mobile machines make it easy for construction to take place on site in remote rural areas or where you intend to build your project. This eliminates the need to transport blocks from site to site and also eliminates block breakages.

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Hydraform Interlocking And Conventional Brick Making Machines.

Welcome to Hydraform.

Soil-Cement Technology

Hydraform has dedicated its more than 25 years of experience in alternative building technologies to developing the Hydraform interlocking building system. Through continuous research and development with leading institutions, Hydraform developed a dry stack interlocking building block eliminating the use of mortar in 70% of the building structure with no need for concrete or steel columns.

Due to the great demand for the high quality machines delivered by Hydraform, there was a demand for conventional cement machines. Hydraform has a full range of conventional cement product machines producing a variety of paving bricks , hollow blocks, stock bricks and more. Now that we have provided solutions for cost effective brick and block production, we added the roof tile machines to further compliment housing delivery.

We Offer Comprehensive Training.

Training Available

One of the most important core components of the Hydraform Building System is training. We have a number of skilled, trained and qualified trainers with a variety of experience who are able to provide comprehensive services to all our clients across the globe.

We at Hydraform pride ourselves on providing quality training and the highest of standards is always maintained throughout the training courses we offer. Through the Hydraform Training you will be able to achieve the highest quality blocks and structures. Training can be done on-site (we send a trainer to your country to train you on your site), or at our Training Academy in South Africa.

For Customized Solutions, Feel Free to Select your Industry Below:

Government & NGOs

We offer a building solutions to address large scale projects for housing, public structures, stores, clinics and schools to a wide variety of government projects.

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Hydraform has helped mining companies to realise their relocation projects. We offer a tailor made building solution that will help you achieve your relocation project in record time, cost and ease.

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Builder, Contractor & Entrepreneur

Hydraform has been serving business owners for years now, we have empowered, supported and helped our clients grow their businesses by adding a cost effective and easy to manufacture product to their business.

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Engineered to create




Hydraform machines have been used by many to complete CSR projects. We have tailor made solutions that include training and skills development.

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Engineered to create



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